" And as the season come and go , here's something you might like to know ..... there are fairies everywhere under bushes , in the air , playing game just like you play , singing through their busy day . So listen , touch , and look around , in the air and on the ground and if you watch all nature's things you might just see a fairy's wing. "

Sunday, October 9, 2011

outdated ...

Hey baby... =) i mean my blog.. lol..
long time no touch ..
dying already.. so freaking busying with college stuff * Diploma in event management *
-Meet Some Need Friends..
-Word Harder
-And more ....
Me , brenda law in 2011 =)
dye my hair..

New Friend , ( Beloved Michelle Lim , Brenda law & Hui Wen )
they were my closer friends..
heart them

This are my lady too ..=)
we were taking picture for upcoming event at berjaya university college of hospitality
TITLE : bollywood week ( celebrate happy deepavali )
this event organize by our class ..
six of us going to dance ..

i realized organize an event is not easy at all
i was wondering how am i going to organize my event at the future?..
what most important is TEAMWORK ..
and i'm in creative art department
is fun actually.. but scary.. ( THINK POSITIVE BRENDA )
anyway , help school to promote event first ;

Vanue : Berjaya Time Square ; 11 floor ( college )
Time : 4.00 - 6.00 pm
Day : 19-20 of oct ....
come if you're free =)
is not an big event but do come support us..

Busy busy busy busy ... =(
lastly , miss my darling yiing , lao po qin , sweet heart taki and honey hebe and many more..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

During management class









Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey , bloggie...=)

This post , i won't upload any picture or the event i went..
This post , is for someone special ( my love one )

College life ; as people said.. after went to college your own personality will change..
i don't realise until you told me that i have changed..
somehow , i don't believe .. how tenacious i am. ; i'm sorry

There's no right or wrong.. you just wanna said out or problem and solve it together..
am i right?..
i'm just too selfish , or maybe dump?..
only know how to make things worse.. ; i'm sorry

what you told me today , keep repeating in my mind .. ( 我给你很多爱,可是你退回给我)
how worse i am ..
to gain one year relationship is not that easy , sometime we think future too..
i can't control what's going to happen in the future , but what i can do is..
to maintain our love doesn't change.. and that difficult too..
i will do my best ...
cause i don't want anythings happen to both of us..; i am sorry

The things that we argue ,last few week..
really broke your heart and my heart...anyway ; i am sorry

For me.. you're different , so much different.. although we always has different opinion..
but one simple reaction or things from you , it fill up all my heart..
i always put a blame on you , before that.. i should think of myself.. did i do that too..

you will never lie my dear... you tell me every single detail ..about you..
even you gave me a lot of chance to let me know you better..
how to say?.. hmm
you open a door for me to go in , but i just standing outside the door..
even a door infront of me , i don't realise also..; i am sorry

From now on ,
i will change.. don't say change..
i will work hard to gain stronger on our
i wanna protect it..
hope for your forgiveness..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The garden Starbuck ...

Oppss.. he kissed me..( shame)

We went to Midvalley , eat lunch ..( Garden )

Siang & wen han

Dear & Me

I love this one , white piano ❤

My dear...

This place , not bad...
we went there after we get our SPM result...
don't talk about the result... Pays my strange.. can't tahan..
Nevermind , college can carry on .. i very happy already..

Anyway, sign up for my college already..
there is new & fresh face .. can't wait to make new friends..
i hope they not like pass got two face people..
daddy always say , don't believe ppl easily..
somehow , they wanted to use you .. so they will show kind attitude..
i do believe that cause i have seen...
hahaaa.. how this rest of the year.. will be a great journey....=)
cheer up brenda !!!


Back to Cempaka school yesterday...
seladang still stay the last places..
good luck to them..
bring back up , green house spirit !!..


i-phone , hahaa...
thanks to mami , bought me this..
and the B & Love.. i made it by myself..
i love it !!


Nothing much to write already....
normal life..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking SPM result tommorow

It will be a short post ❤
Well ,
Tomorrow SPM result coming out ...''
so nervous right ??
so am i ... feel like this three month pass so fast..
yeap , after tomorrow will be a day new..
college life..

Anyway , wish everyone good luck =)
secondary school friends...
primary school friends...
praying ~~~ hahahahaa

alright got to go...
bye everyone...
good night .. hope tomorrow we will be crying for getting good result
ciao ~

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

short post

By and by...
time really goes so quickly ..
now everyone nervous with SPM result..
so am i..

recently , everyone looked to busy..
i also looked busy.. but if you ask me..
wad are you busy with..
Myself also don't know what made me so busy..
maybe , going in college and still got driving test going on
next week going to take my L license..
i know is slow , but kinda scare to drive..
no choice.. college to far already..
better way is drive myself..

- Family -
if you wanna come back , everyone will welcome you..
but if you come back to hurt them again.. please leave..
you hurt them one time , already enough for that..
i hope you wont have another plan to hurt them again..

. Interior design , Event management .
don't know how to chose..
now i only realise , why all the senior said .. i miss secondary moment
atleast that moment , nothing to worry or think about..
now is choosing my future life.
i don't wanna feel regret..

- About you -
Famous is not that important..
i wish that , you don't using those people true heart...to make you famous
your every single wrote , i won't believe..

- Respect -
remember , i'm your boyfriend cousin..
yes , i don't have the authority to manages you..
i wish you will respect the relative around your boyfriend..no matter how
he still my cousin..
i'm asking your politeness , when you talk to me...
i don't want put you in black list..please and THANK YOU..

- Hang out -

Last week went out with dear , wen han and xin yi..
xin yi is a bit late "coz she got exam.=)
at least she came..
anyway , dear and wen han.. accompany eat haegen-dazz
and accompany bought barbie house ( i have to build it myself )
both of them was asking discount from that seller.. especially dear.. =p
alright alright.. both of them so gentlemen , thanks..

- Special Post -

to darling yiing ..
finally , you made your choice ..
account course ..
i wish you all the best..
believe your choice..
i know you always can do it..
good luck =)

. The End .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another world..

Went to buffer again ..

i din took too much picture for this buffer , coz no one wanted to take picture
all so festered with the food ,
only me , syoik sendiri..
i came here the second time already , so nothing different for me
food , tasty
dad , same .. non stop taking food

I lazy to write much , just post some picture ..
this few days suffering of body temperature suddenly so hot
no enough water..
yea yea .. i know.. hate drinking sky juice la..
i shall end here...
smile .=)

New lesson for today :

how should i start ,
let's talk it this way ..
when a girl like me , growing up..
things started to solve by my own..
don't care is he or she..
some people think that " gosh ~ why the time is so slow..
i wanna to grown up please god , please.. make the time go fast "
am i right ?
i can't denial that , i'm one of them too..
until now, right now i only felt scare of growing up..
is hard for me to choose something weather is good or bad..
what if you choose something that will spoil your future?
or maybe you get to know some bad person in your life
but they acting like so friendly?
one point i miss , when people grown up .. their problem will getting more and more..
no more , bed time story ..
no more , fairly tales story..
no more , candy ..
but i'm still believe that , not everyone is bad...
yeap.. we should thinks positive..
everything should started with a smile first..
guess.. it will shu ~ away those bad luck..


Bye people..
take care...